Gardening in the NW in 2011

I just read the upcoming spring report and yes it did make me grumpy. I love gardening. Not so much the flowers, although I am getting better at that, but I love my edible garden. My tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, zucchini and squash. Just to name a few.

Last year we had an awful spring and many of us didn’t have great luck with our gardens. Here in Portland it barely stopped raining by July and even then it never got hot. I remember being at a friends house in August for an evening outside party and it was almost 2 chilly to be outside.

If you plan on gardening again this year you need to

  1. Don’t be overly optimistic
  2. Have a plan to make it work better.

Here is my suggestion and what I have done in the past here anyways.

  1. Don’t even plant your garden outside until late April early May, and that’s at the earliest. I have waited until June some summers and done well.
  2. If you are getting that ichy green thumb, start stuff indoors then move them out doors later. When you decide to move them outdoors be aware of the upcoming weather. If it still looks like rain and not super warm, then cover them with plastic to create a green house effect. It won’t be pretty, but it will help them grow.
  3. If our spring, as predicted, is supposed to be as wet as it was last year, make sure you have your garden in an area that drains well. My best sun spot does not drain. I know sad right?

The first thing you should put in the ground are your peas. If you have some that are going to be a little later, make sure they have some afternoon shade.

I can’t wait to really get into it, but for now this is a start. Although I can slack a little this year since I decided to get a CSA.

What have you done in your garden this year??