Menu Planning for a Crazy Week/Weeks

This is my menu plan for this week and on into next week, because it’s one of those months. Not only that but we are fully into track season which means long late days of track meets.

So here is my attempt to feed those left at home and those of us on our way home. And anything in between. That and my soon to be working child. Oh and not to mention my cooking challenged husband.

Monday :: Breakfast for Dinner – this could be Dutch Babies or Pancakes

Tuesday :: Panko Chicken with Basil Aioli Making extra aioli to use on sandwiches, so yummy!!

Wednesday :: Pasta, Sausage and Bean Soup-making extra for left overs

Thursday :: Meat and Cheese Plate with Crusty Bread and Olives with big salad (lettuce is $1 this week)- coming home late from a track meet.

Friday :: Formal night. Out to eat as we are shuttling kids around. Tough job, but someone has to do it. 🙂

Saturday :: At track meet all morning and into the late afternoon. Will take lunches and enjoy a coffee out thanks to my Entertainment Book.  Pasta Carbonara this one will be made with bacon

Now Planning Meals they can make without me

Sunday :: Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup – I am leaving town for a girls weekend and the family will be coming down off the mountain from snowboarding. Should be easy and warm.

Monday :: Traeger Burgers (burgers on the traeger) with chips and salad

Home again for a 2 Days

Tuesday :: Shoyu Chicken and Rice

Wednesday :: Pot Roast, baked potatoes, bread and salad

My daughter and I leave for a short week

Thursday :: Lasagna – don’t be too impressed with my men, this will be a heat and serve type dish with crusty bread and ceasar salad.

Friday :: Out to eat – up snowboarding

Saturday :: Traeger Pizza – Papa Murphy’s is great on the traeger plus there is always a coupon

Sunday :: Left over lasagna

Back home and want to know what I’m having

Monday :: Traeger burgers – yes again, they love these

Wow! I hope this works out like I hope. That’s a lot of days gone, but looking forward to it nonetheless.

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