Do You Have a Good Deals Lot?


Over in Sherwood we have a nursery called Loen’s. It’s fun to walk around and check stuff out and see the different plants and get an idea of what things are. There are several things worth buying here, but…

You can go across the road to the wholesale lot. At the wholesale lot they have big trees at a discount. It’s open to the public, so just go in and check it all out. But….

If you drive to the very back you will see a sign that says “GOOD DEALS”. These are marked down even more. I just discovered this myself. I don’t know if all places have this or if this is just unique to our place.

The thing I love is you can get huge trees for a fraction of the price. The pictures aren’t great, but check this out. The original price of the this blooming crab apple tree was $250. It is about 20 ft tall and looks healthy.

I got it for just $30. Now this was the deal of the day, but other things were priced really well too.

I got a variegated leaf maple that was about 5-6ft tall for just $15.

My friend picked up the best looking dogwood for just $15.

Bushes are as low as $5. We saw one tree that was huge. The ‘crate’ that it was in was almost was over 3ft tall. It easily came up to my hip. It was a blooming cherry tree or dogwood, I can’t really remember, but it was just $75. Not sure how you would get it home, but if you had the means you could have a tree that feels full grown for such a cheap price.

So next time you are at one of those places and you see it’s open to the public, take a look around. Ask, see if they have a discount lot.

I had my friend go with me. I am not super good at this kind of stuff so she showed m how to look to make sure the trunk looks fine.

Where do you get things at a discount for your yard and garden? There must be more secrets I didn’t know about.

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