Insurance Paid for My ADR

Some of you might know what this is, others will have no idea. But it’s true health insurance has agreed to pay for my back surgery. My insurance agreed to pay for the ADR or Anterior Disc Replacement surgery that I had back in June 2010.

So that bad boy you see above is in my back. Actual moving parts in my spine so I don’t damage more discs.

Some of you might find yourself in a similar situation where insurance denies a treatment or a surgery or even a medication. Many people give up and go with an option that insurance will pay for.

I had done my homework, and knew for me, to have the best outcome for my back I needed to have total disc replacement surgery even though I knew insurance was going to deny it.  If you want the whole story you can read about it HERE .

Insurance will pay for a fusion, which is what is pictured above. I did get one of these too, but it’s at my lowest level so it won’t effect any other discs. With this your back will not move at this location. These cause future problems and surgeries. That’s why in the level above I chose the total disc replacement.  Notice the purple screws, nice huh?

Very few cases have been won, but I had a great resource through Laurie Todd. If you are trying to get insurance to pay for something they won’t, don’t give up, check out Laurie Todd’s stuff, it’s amazing and it is what helped us win our case.

I am sure our insurance thought we had a lawyer the whole time. But we didn’t. We just had everything well laid out and made sure it got it into the hands of the big wigs.

This is a huge victory that had a huge price tag. I know we can’t put a price tag on our health. But when you have an option that insurance WILL pay for as opposed to one they WON’T pay for, sometimes it’s easier to take the easy road.

YOU are YOUR best health care provider. If you don’t take matters into your own hands no one else will.

Laurie Todd did not ask me to write about this, I am NOT being compensated at all for writing this. I just want to get the info out that you too can fight for your best health care options. Laurie’s specialty is fighting needed cancer treatments, but her info helped me too.

Plus this is a HUGE victory for the honest people and I just want to share.

Has insurance denied you something you thought was important?

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  1. TI was so happy to read this. Good for you for sticking with it. Hope you are feeling good these days!

  2. Ah thanks! I am 100% and loving life again.