Watch House Prices All Over the World

I am constantly watching housing prices. I watch them because I always want to know what my house is worth. You know wondering if it will ever get back to the price it once was.

I also check house prices when I go on vacation to other destinations. I do that because I begin to dream about someday moving “here” because the weather is so much better. Then I try and decide if I can make that dream a reality. Or some days we look and decide if we should just purchase a summer house “here.”

Zillow is a great places to check places in the U.S.  But where do you check after you have watched an episode of International House Hunters? If you are wondering what prices are like in England, Scotland or Wales check out Zoopla to see properties for sale. It’s a great place to check house prices in a number of regions.

With Zoopla you can also see the prices that were paid for homes sold since 1995. From there you can figure out what the value of other homes might be.

Maybe you are just interested in going over for a few months to vacation. You can also look under ‘To Rent’ and see if you can find something that is in a location that you might like with a price range that you can afford.

I know, I’m day dreaming. We have always said we want to go travel abroad and live in places for months at a time. It’s one of the cheaper ways to stay for less. So weather you are relocating or looking due to travel check out Zoopla.