Where Did My New Years Resolution Go?

It’s already May.

Where did the first part of the year go?

By now everyone has long forgotten their New Year’s Resolution.  As a matter of fact no one is even talking about New Year’s Resolutions. That’s why if you remember correctly from my article back in December I wrote about how I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions. Instead I use the beginning of each month or even the beginning of each week to start fresh.

So here it is May 1, let’s start afresh with the new month and/or a new week.

Workouts ::

Spring is here and getting ready for swimsuit season is actually a goal. What are you doing for that? Need something quick?

Still don’t have the money or the time for gym memberships, well grab Fitness Magazine or even Shape start in with some of their workouts. Better yet, once you subscribe you have access to workout demo videos. I did a workout today that had me winded.

I also want to get into Mountain biking.

How about just going for a walk or a run? If you have a smart phone you can download apps like RunKeeper.

Budget/Finances ::

How did you do the first 4 months as far as a budget goes? Are you paying things down? Are you saving more? Are you reaching whatever financial goals you might have had?

Quit Smoking ::

How about those of you that wanted to quit smoking? How’s it coming along?

There are so many New Years Resolutions, these are just the top 3. I don’t know what yours was, but what is keeping you from actually sticking with it?

Mine is to get back into shape and I am having a hard time and I even love my workout group and my workouts. But I got into the habit of sitting at home most mornings and now I am out of the routine. But when I don’t go to the club I do something at home. So I am trying.

How about you? What are you doing?