Beer and Wine at 50% Off

SOLD OUT!!!! Those went quick!

If you live in the Pacific NW or even just plan on visiting this is a great Groupon. Portland is known for it’s many breweries. So much so that July is called Oregon Craft Beer month. Us Oregonians like our beer. Not only that, but also at Pearl Specialty Market & Spirits you can choose from over 400 bottles of wine. Looking for the perfect Malbec? You may just find it right here. With this deal you get $20 worth of beer and/or wine for just $10.

If you have never been to one of these specialty shops before you are missing out. It’s a true experience. I drug my husband in for the first time a few weeks ago and he was in awe.

For me I love great food and I love pairing with a great beer, sometimes even a great wine. So for me this is a splurge or a Money4This expense.  Getting a 50% discount on my splurge seems pretty awesome.

So grab your beer and wine Groupon today.

Have you downloaded your app to your handheld device?  I have an app on my iPhone and received an email a few weeks back that said if I purchased by June 28th I could get $10 credit. Well, I purchased this one from my app and got it for FREE.  That’s a great savings right there.

Here are a few other places and ways to spend a little and get your $10 credit.

  • AMF Bowling Centers $15 for 2 hours of bowling and shoe rentals. Many locations. listed under Portland, Tucson.
  • Cinnabon – $7 for $15 worth of baked goods. I found this deal listed under Tucson. I day left on this one.
  • Napa Valley Fudge Company – This is an online deal you pay $10 for $20 worth of fudge truffles. This deal is under San Jose. It has one day.

So get out there and find a way to use your app and get $10 credit.