Change – Not the Kind in Your Pocket

This week we celebrated our 21 year anniversary and my daughter officially became a senior. My son is done with school for the year and will transfer from a private Christian school to the public school with his sister.

I like to think I am fairly calm about all this. The marriage thing is a no brainer. My husband and I have been blessed with an amazingly easy marriage. We love being together and hate being apart. He works from home, so it’s all good.

I am a little frantic about having a senior in high school, I still like to think of her as my little girl. Although I have many friends, and I am sure many of you, that have gone before me on this journey, so I will have lots of experience to draw upon. I will continue to “wing it” as a parent, grab wisdom from friends, pray like crazy and I am sure we will get through.

This is going to be quite a busy year for my daughter. She is looking at a private Christian college.  Can you say $37,000 without skipping a heartbeat?  I am pretty much freaking out, but this is the route she wants to go. We are going to pay for some of her schooling, but she is going to have to step up to the plate as well. As we go through the process I will be sure to share that with some of you as well.

I don’t like change, so I am not thrilled to be leaving our school that I have known for 12 years. (my daughter started there in kindergarten.) Sometimes it feels like I need to be talked off the ledge. The cost of private school is just too much. My daughter willingly chose to switch as a junior in to the public school. She did very well. She went from 30 in her to class to 450. My son will probably be fine (see the mother in me is over protective).

I know this time of year brings about change for lots of people. Change in schedules and change in our kids’ lives.

I don’t know where I am really going with this post, except to say change is on the way. Learning new ways to save money and put away money for college will be on the forefront.

What kind of milestones or changes does June bring for you??