How Losing Weight is Just Like Losing Debt

And how losing debt is just like losing weight.

It’s true there are so many similarities. I just think some of the lingo that goes with weight loss needs to be used more in debt reduction.

I am not over weight. I watch what I eat and people constantly say to me, “you don’t need to do that you are just right.” I am just right, because I watch what I eat. People think skinny people are just that, always skinny and eat cinnamon rolls all day.

The same is with people that have no debt. They aren’t just rich people that can spend whatever. They are people that monitor their spending.


Weight loss – For those that have a lot to loose you set big goals. For instance, in 1 year you want to drop over 50 lbs. For those that need to lose less they set different goals, like losing 1 lb every 2 weeks.

Debt Reduction – You can set goals of when you want to be completely out of debt. Or really break it down and set goals of paying off credit cards one at a time. And doing the snowball effect where you take that money and apply it towards the next credit card.

Why set goals?  You can see progress and it’s motivating.


Weight Loss – Write down everything you eat. It gives you an idea of how many calories you are consuming each day. It is actually surprising, but also it gives you an idea of how many calories an average meal has. This will change your thinking.

Debt Reduction – Many people don’t think to do this for debt reduction, but it has huge benefits. It makes you aware of how much you really spend every single week or month on things. It will also show you how to cut back on spending. Read more about this here.


Weight Loss – Give yourself time to figure out a method that works. Start by adding more vegetables. Are you getting your 3-5 servings of fruit and veggies a day? Then make sure you are drinking enough water. Don’t stop there, cut out fast food. Don’t do it all at once, you will go back to your old ways.

Debt Reduction – Don’t go cold turkey and stop spending. Figure out your priorities so you can stay on track. Not willing to give up the Latte 4 times a week, then give up something that means less to you.


Weight Loss – When eat too much, don’t beat yourself up or give up. Start again the next day or just do an extra workout. Keep moving forward.

Debt Reduction – It’s a little easier here to fix a bad mistake. If you over spent, then maybe you should just return what you bought. But again, don’t beat yourself, know that you will have to cut back somewhere else to keep within your budget and your goal.


Weight Loss – We hear this all the time with weight loss.  You are learning a new way to eat. A way that is much more natural and healthier.

Debt Reduction – Same goes for you here. You are learning a new way to spend or not to spend. You might not be able to buy all brand name anymore. Or you might have to choose what items are brand name and what items are from Target. Your new goal is to be frugal. And frugal is the new sexy.


Weight Loss – You will always have to monitor what you choose to eat. You may find that you have to write it all down longer than you hoped too. Monitoring is being aware.

Debt Reduction – With and end goal of being debt free monitoring is necessary. I monitor my back accounts pretty closely. I know when to buy and when to pass up what you might want.

For both weight loss and debt reduction, monitoring will be a season. Eventually you will just get it. You will completely understand and know what the value of things are and if you have enough left that day, week or month to splurge on whatever it is.


Weight Loss – You will have to make time to work out. You will have to make time to buy healthy foods. You will also have to carve out time to prepare those great meals.

Debt Reduction – You will need to make time to track everything and monitor your spending. The time commitment is very short. Just checking your account every day and knowing where stand is all you really need.

If you are making time for one thing you might as well jump in with both feet and start dealing with the other thing as well.

Yes I do all these things. And yes you can too!

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  1. Great article! Having lost a bunch of weight (and now working like the dickens to keep it off), and still working on getting rid of our debt, I agree there are many similarities. I sort of play them off each other some times though, like “if I can stay on track with our debt repayment, then I can stay on track with my eating as well.”

    There are lots of ups and downs while doing both – the important thing is not to give up and get back on track as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the harder it is and the more work it takes to get back to where you were before.

  2. Thanks Laura. I know getting back up and staying focused after you have slipped is the hardest, but worth it in the end. We are still staying on a pretty tight budget these days, but it’s all good. I have had to return a few things, but that’s ok. 🙂


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