How To Get Rid of Body Odor So You Can Enjoy Your Tank Tops

Molly Shannon our Superstar!!!  Love that character. She is always checking her pits to see if they stink. How many of you would admit that you have pulled a “Molly Shannon?”

I have pulled a “Molly Shannon” several times. I have the worst BO. I have to use clinical deodorant every day and if I think about it I have to reapply. Then add to that ::

  • Summer, with the heat
  • Tank tops. At least with sleeves the smell gets gathered in the clothing and seems a little better.

There you have it….I have bad BO. Information you were probably dying to know about me huh??

I had read about how to get rid of body odor a few months ago, but never tried it. Just recently my friend called from Cali and said you need to try this new trick. (I always accuse her of finding interesting things and she never shares with me. She called to make sure she wasn’t holding out info again)

Everyday after she showers she takes a cotton ball and dips it in Listerine and dabs it in her armpits and waits for it to air dry. Once it’s dry she adds her deodorant.

Now I heard the same thing except you use Apple Cider Vinegar. I didn’t have any Listerine, but I have plenty of apple cider vinegar, I swear by the stuff for many different things.

Anyways I tried it, with the ACV. I did stink, but only until it dried, then the smell was gone. I added my deodorant and went about my day.


Now here in the Pacific NW we don’t really get summer until after July 4, but we did have an 80 degree day a few days ago. So I gave it the ultimate test. I wore a tank top all day. 


This is a huge break through for me. I would choose not to wear tank tops on hot days because I knew I would eventually start to stink….but not anymore.

I have also read that you can skip the deodorant all together, but I am too scared to try. But today I tried another test. I applied my ACV then I used regular cheaper deodorant. Score again!! It is totally working.

Here is a shorted version of why this works ::

There is bacteria growing in your armpits. Add sweat, which itself is odorless, and it really causes the bacteria to smell even more. The vinegar and Listerine will kill that bacteria, taking the smell with it.

Don’t let BO ruin what you want to wear this summer, give it a try. And I also like that I can stop buying the $8 deodorant.

I know this whole thing sounds weird, but just wait until next week when I share how I haven’t shampooed my hair since April.

Apple cider vinegar is used for so many things like helping you avoid the common cold and helping you get rid of cold sores.

Anyone else tried this deodorant trick??


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