Tuesdays Tip – Saving Money


My most favorite money saving tip is this:
If you don’t have the money don’t buy it

My second most favorite money saving tip is this:
If you don’t have money to spend, don’t even go to the store.

I know they both sound so easy and so simple, but how often do we see a deal we hate to pass up and make our way in.

You know what that great deal is called? A Loss Leader.

You know what that means? They just want you in the door, from there they know you will pick up a few more things.  Even things that aren’t on sale.

The last few weeks I have seen a lot of deals pass me by.  I haven’t had the time to chase down every single deal.  I am here to say I am alive and well and even a little richer in the process.

What other SIMPLE ways are you saving money?

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