10 Summer Splurges

It’s summer, my favorite time of year!!  I love the sunsets, I am sure I would also love the sunrises, but I am never up that early.

If you have read my blog at all you know I am super frugal. But I also have things that I think are worth spending money on. Even if you choose to spend money on somethings, and don’t go crazy, you help keep your sanity as you stay on your budget, so you are not always feeling deprived.

Sometimes taking in Summer means spending money to enjoy all it has to offer.

Here are my Top 10 summer splurges, in no particular order ::

1.  Buy Some Camping Gear and go Camping – especially if you have little kids.  It really becomes an affordable vacation.  We did it a ton when the kids were little.  It’s getting tougher with teenagers schedules, but spending all your time outside is so refreshing and getting away from the hustle and bustle just to watch the fire crackle is totally worth it.

2. Get out to the farmers market and buy some local produce. Some will cost more, other things will cost less.  Make a day of it and support a local food vendor while you are there too. Every week the options change making dinner different every week.

3.  Buy that new outdoor table set so you can eat dinner outside – My family knows when weather permits, we eat outside.  I just love it, even if we do have to drag tons of stuff outside.  Deep down they all do too. I am sure of it. (The good news is tables are either really cheap now or you will have to shop Craigslist and yard sales.) Or if you are like me just watch for FREE ones to show up.

4.  Get yourself a bike – Ride with your kids or with a group.  Enjoy the nice weather in a whole new way.

5.  Buy plants for your garden – It’s still not too late. Start planting fall blooming flowers and winter veggies. It helps you to enjoy being outside.

6.  Go out to dinner in a fabulous outdoor dinning restaurant. Of if it’s hot where you are treat yourself to eating out at an air conditioned restaurant of your choice and don’t heat your house. Use a coupon of course. Other great sources for dining coupons is Groupon and the Groupon Now feature, in which they have specials for just a few hours.

Can you even believe I am telling you to spend money???

7.  Buy a pair of good walking shoes – Hit some hikes or even drive to a new location for a more scenic walk. Get yourself moving on these great summer nights.

8.  Go to a drive in movie. Do you have those in your area? We still have a few close by. This is actually cheaper then going to a movie theater. Even if the movie isn’t good, the people watching should be spectacular.

9.  Go berry picking. Splurge on all the good fruits that are in season. Kids love eating their way through and buying way too much fruit is never a bad idea.

10.  Buy yourself a cute tank top so you can enjoy summer.

Sorry I just thought of one more ::

11.  Buy a hammock – I finally bought one summer and I couldn’t be happier. We got it off of Craigslist for $90. It was about a $200 set up, so we got a good deal. Here’s another great deal I found. Texsport Hammock/Stand Crystal Bay Combo as a matter of fact I almost bought this one.

By all means don’t be inside cleaning your house. That can wait until fall, summer is here and you need to enjoy it and enjoy it to the fullest.

I love summer. Even though we have been dealt a bad summer for the 2nd year in a row I am trying really hard to enjoy it between rain storms.

What do you like to spend money on during the summer?

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