More Outdoor Furniture Makeovers

If you read about my Yard Sale you will remember that I sold my patio set. My husband did not like it. I really liked it, but we ended up selling it for more than we paid for it, so it’s gone.

We went out walking one night shortly after that and saw that our neighbors had thrown out a table and put a big FREE sign on it.

We checked it and saw that it would need a fresh coat of paint to cover up the rust. With such an easy fix, we brought it home.

I really wanted to replicate the color, which is an off white with brown spots.

I started with a brown coat, hoping this color would show through.

I followed that with an off white with flecks. There were no flecks and the brown did not show through like I wanted.

I went back and added more brown. I actually like how it turned out.

I bought a few chocolate brown chairs to complete my eclectic look and I love it.

Total cost for the table was $12 for spray paint. Chairs were $30 each at Home Depot. I watched for chairs at yard sales, but nothing ever came about. I wanted to use the table for summer, so finally caved.

Anyone else a pro with spray paint?

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  1. Julie @ The Family CEO says

    That table was an awesome find! They weren’t free, but I bought six cherry queen Anne chairs – the kind everyone had in the 80’s- and spray painted them black. I paired them with a pine dining table and I love the look.

  2. Nice! I tried this before but I am a bad spray painter. I could certainly use a lesson or two on how to do it well.

    Good stuff here!

  3. I love how your table turned out, especially that you did not match it with the chairs.
    I once painted an old wicker chair a bright turquoise, then decided I like it in my house instead of outdoors.


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