Updating Outdoor Furniture

I bought these 2 chairs at a yard sale for 33¢ each. Yep you read that right. He had both chairs priced at 50¢ each and when I asked how much for the matching stool, he just said to take it. So I did,  I got all 3 for just a buck. So technically the one on the right cost me 34¢.

Please read my tips on how to have a successful yard sale. I got a killer deal, but I am pretty sure this family didn’t have a successful garage sale at that rate.

Take a closer look and you can see how bad they were. Pretty gross actually.

I always knew I would paint them, but I have lacked the drive to get to this project, until now.

For all us Orange lovers, you can never have too much Orange.  I am so excited about my new furniture in our back yard. And the summer has finally arrived here in Oregon, so I will grab my iced latte and I will be lounging in my new chairs.

I bought a primer, then I added my coat of paint for plastic chairs.

TIP :: Put on a real good primer coat. It keep you from having to do more than one color coat. I learned this the hard way. It says you don’t need a heavy primer coat, but I think you do.

Primer was expensive at $4 a can and spray paint just under $3. Total project was right around $20. Plus I found one more at a yard sale last week. It cost me $2, but I will soon have 3 chairs and I had some primer and paint left over.

With so many yard sales going on, outdoor furniture is a Not4This item. Meaning, don’t pay full price.

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  1. Love this Amy!! I picked up a whole set of these chairs a few years ago for $12 at a yard sale… and they are white – I think I’ll paint them orange or a fun blue after we move! Wanna’ come help? 😉

  2. I will totally help you Jenni, especially if you move even closer to me. 🙂
    If you were closer, Free2beFrugal, I would help you too. Spray painting is such instant gratification.


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