Full House Cleaning Just $79

Two things I do during the summer

  1. Blow my grocery budget on fresh fruit and vegetables. I just can’t help it
  2. Don’t clean my house because I spend as much time just hanging out in my back yard as possible.

I know many of you aren’t my personal friends on facebook, but that was my status recently. “My house is trashed and my budget is blown, but I am enjoying summer.”

So you can imagine my happiness when I saw this Living Social deal to have my whole entire house cleaned for just $79!!!!

I will apologize right now that it is for a certain area, but if you are from the Portland area it’s worth checking to see if you are in the right zip code.

Now I have to decide when I want it done. I am thinking I will wait until after school starts, although it’s good for a year and it’s always nice to have a spring cleaning…..

I have no idea. I have had my house professionally cleaned ONE time. I am way to frugal, way to frugal. This my friends is a full on splurge for me, Money4This. Now I just have to make sure I don’t clean my house before they show up so they don’t think I am a slob.

If you are not from the area be sure to check out Living Social anyways. I have gotten some great eats at affordable prices and even seen some cheap movies. I have looked at their adventures, but have not purchased on yet.

So excited!!