How to Pay for Your College Education Part 2

Many people start thinking about college when the kids are Juniors. Those that are really on the ball might even start when the kids are Sophomores. It’s kind of hard to think about your child starting high school and leaving home all at the same time. We as parents like to live in denial that it’s coming to an end.

But we can’t….

When the kids start high school there are many things you need to be thinking through for your child.

Have high schools kids get involved. This could be any number of things. Once you start filling out college applications or once you start applying for scholarships you will see right away they want to know what you have done. How you have been involved? Are you part of clubs through the school? Start these things and and work on them throughout your high school career.

Suggestions ::

  • Sports
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Art
  • Technology Club


Volunteer. Get involved in your community, your church or even in your school.

Suggestions ::

  • Local Library
  • Senior Center
  • Local Zoo
  • Helping your church with summer programs
  • Helping in your church on a monthly basis
  • Go on a short term missions trip
  • Work on a City wide clean up day
  • Local shelters


Start Organizations. This one is for the very driven and very called individuals. But it seems like you read about stories of teens that have felt compelled to start something to provide for a need. If your child sees a need help them try and start something. Be the first one to believe in them.

Suggestions ::

  • Start clubs at schools. At our school all clubs are student organized and run. Pick something you love and run with it.
  • Fill a need at a senior center. Making cards or weekly computer help.
  • Fill a need to the homeless. Do food and clothing drives.


Stand out. Get involved and be about something that will make you stand out. I know this might seem vague, but when kids find things they are passionate about they want to get involved and figure out a way to further provide for the need.

Suggestion ::

Don’t just do one of the things listed above, do many of the things listed above. Remember you will have 4 years to make it happen. Four years to find something you enjoy and 4 years to add to your list of accomplishments.

My list consists of common things kids can do and have done. What are some other things that your kids are doing?

Now you take all these things and you add them to college applications, or you put the experiences on your scholarship essays. The more you are “about” the more money you will get. My daughter has not been able to apply for certain scholarships because she lacks enough experiences. I hope we can change things for our son. I also hope I can give you enough information to get the ideas flowing in your household.

Part 1 :: I touched on how the ACT and SAT scores help you get scholarships. I also talked about how it’s worth paying a tutor since it will pay for itself.