Should We Pay For Good Grades?

The school year has either started or nearly started and out comes the question….

Should we pay our children if they get good grades? And if you do, how much is too much?

PROS of paying for grades

  • If your child has been slacking it will hopefully help them keep the grades up
  • Gives your kids a goal to work towards
  • It’s a way for them to earn a little extra cash
  • It’s not like getting good grades is a bad thing, so you are supporting something really great.
  • Some parents say it’s like their version of a job and they are being compensated for good work.

CONS of paying for grades

  • The kids might earn grades for the wrong reasons. For the money not the satisfaction of a job well done.
  • Your tax dollars, or if they are at a private school, your money, pays for their education, why pay more?
  • Once you start, you can’t really stop or can you?
  • One child might easily get A’s while the other child will struggle to get C’s. It won’t seem fair especially since what I’ve seen in my house is the kid that gets C’s is the one working harder than the one that gets easy A’s.
  • You might become too afraid to stop the cash flow afraid they won’t keep the grades up on their own.
  • It’s not a job, it’s something that they have to do. How many people in the work force get bonuses every semester for doing a job they are expected to do?
  • If that money becomes the motivation for getting good grades through elementary school, middle school and high school, won’t they also expect to be paid in college?

If you choose to pay them how much do you decide to pay??

After some research this is what I found ::

  • I saw everything from A’s only to the kids had to pay the parents if they got a C or D.
  • I saw amounts from 50ยข all the way to $20 for an A and $100+ for straight A’s.

So if you choose to pay, how much do you think is realistic?

Not only does this topic have lots of controversy, but there have also been many studies done to show how it effects kids. And just so you know, everyone who ran the study got the result that THEY wanted. So yes, those that were against paying for grades saw the downside and those for paying for grades saw the benefits.

As I was reading through different sites I saw many different opinions and perspectives. My favorite was the one kid blaming his parent for not paying for grades. He had to get a job to pay for things because they didn’t give him money and that made his life miserable.

Wow, after reading a blaming statement like that it makes me glad I have saved your my kids’ therapy for after they leave home. They really might need it.

There are many different solutions answers and resolutions. What it comes down to is this…do what is right for you, your child and even your family.

So let me ask you. Do you pay for grades? I might not be the best person to ask because I don’t even pay my kids to do chores.






  1. yeS yOu shouLd paY

  2. NoYouShouldNot says

    My name says it all. NO YOU SHOULD NOT PAY. MORE CON’S THAT PRO’S.