10 Ways to Have an Organized “File by Pile” Method


I file by pile.

It’s a sad truth.

But, in my defense, I know where things are because I kind of have a system,

or so I think.

The best way to have an organized “File by Pile” method is to have them at least contained. Here are 10 ways to to contain those piles ::

1. Keep your receipts and your all your bills in a pile together. Think outside the box. Use an old picnic silverware/plate holder on your desk for pencils, pens and papers. Everyone knows where to put receipts at our house. This one is probably the most crucial in keeping a tight budget.

2. Use magazine holders to actually hold your magazines. Instead of piling them on the coffee tables and nightstands have one box for “Need to read” and one for “keep for future use”.

3. It’s ok to stack cookbooks on your counter. Try and keep titles out and if at all possible keep the seasonal ones out. I have a grilling one that should be put away for a few months.

4. I made bright color folders with the kids’ names on them.  They can lay inside my desk. Anything that needs future attention can be put in these folders and easily accessible. The rest of my desk is a piled mess, but my desk closes, so it works.

5. Don’t create new piles, use your existing piles. We have a big kitchen with a pretty good sized counter and if I am not careful it gets taken over with piles. I have a designated pile area, everything else needs to stay cleaned up.
6. I even pile in my closet. I have learned that open shelving works a little better than drawers. I also have boxes for out of season clothing to be stored in so I have plenty of room and hopefully help me keep it more organized.

7. Put an open basket in the bathroom to hold wash clothes, toothpaste, Q-tips, cotton balls, and anything else that would be handy for you or guests.
8. If you haven’t discovered Pinterest and you still have tons of printed recipes I suggest placing them in folders according to season. Many tend to put them in folders according to meat or pasta or veggies in season, when in reality we are just going through the seasons of what we would like to eat. That way you can have 4 folders or a binder with 4 tabs as opposed to many categories. If you have too many categories you will tend to not want to file them away. Although Pinterest has made this so easy.
9. It’s nice to have shoes all organized at the door, but that does not work for our family. Instead we have baskets. Yep more than one. One holds summer shoes (flip flops and such) the other one winter shoes. No need to have flip flops out all winter. Just store the flip flop basket away. Our kids are older and their feet have stopped growing so this works for us.
10. My gardening stuff is piled in an old planter I no longer use. We tried to hand somethings and put things in a closed cupboard, but again throwing them in a pile works better for us, but it’s contained.

If this is your method, don’t fight it. Embrace it. Best part is, you can pretty much contain and organize yourself for free. Shop your home and start containing your piles.

Anyone else want to fess up to using this kind of system?

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