Entertaining on a Budget

I had the Homecoming Dinner at our house for my daughters group. I was able to serve a very elegant dinner for not a lot of money. It saved all the kids money not having to go out to eat, but it also gave the girls less time in those high heel shoes that they all love….and love to complain about.

I made Pappardelle Beef Ragu. I even bought a much bigger roast than she called for since I was going to have a group, plus enough for us. I didn’t do homemade pasta, I don’t have the machine for it. Instead I did rigatoni pasta, which also works well with this rustic pasta sauce. I served it with a salad and some bread. The whole meal set me back just under $25.

The meal ended up serving the 6 kids. Once they were gone, my husband and I ate with his parents. Then we took some of the left overs and saved them for lunch for the next day. The left over sauce we bagged up and put in the freezer. It will easily be enough for our family.

Last minute I realized I had not done any kind of a center piece. So I ran outside, since the trees are so beautiful this time of year and started grabbing leaves…off the tree of course, not off the ground, you just never know. I was able to put together this quick little center piece for FREE.

In order for the girls to get to show off their dresses, they went out to dessert at the local yogurt shop. It was super affordable and they could take as long as they wanted, or hurry if they needed.

It was a pretty affordable evening. My daughter didn’t even ask to buy a dress for this. She simply came home with 3 dresses from 3 different friends and chose one. We have worked hard in the past to save on formal events.

Entertaining guests can be a Money4This expense, but you need to know it can be done very elegantly, making it a Not4That.

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