TWO – A Book Review

2 beautiful togetherAre you newly married?  Looking to get married? Been married awhile and want to revisit what made you fall in love? Know a couple getting married?  Check out this book ::

2: How Will You Create Something Beautiful Together?

I literally just stumbled upon this book and I am so glad I did. I have grabbed a few for some newlyweds as gifts and I have gotten it for a group of Young Marrieds we are meeting with.

This book is written every so simply. It allows you to read a few things on how to work together or think together, even dream together. Occasionally offers the opportunity to journal it in.

You will think through what you want your life to look like together and you will also get to choose words that describe your marriage.

Really what it boils down to is it will get you communicating. For those of us that have been married for any length of time, we all know you must communicate.

I don’t share many reviews, but this book is such a cool find I just wanted to make sure everyone knew about it.

Buy the book now : 2: How Will You Create Something Beautiful Together?