8 Ways to Stay Within Your Budget

Always struggling?  Here are 8 quick basic reminders for you.

  1. Know what your budget is – don’t laugh, some people have no idea
  2. Write down every penny you spend. Even if you only do this for a month or so, it gives you an idea of where the money is going. I tell you this all the time. A month sounds overwhelming? Break it down to weeks – sometimes saying you have $1200 for the month gives you too much freedom the first 8 days. Then you have too much month at the end of the money. So instead budget it out to $300 a week.
  3. Plan ahead – Decide what your big expenses are and spread them out. We don’t have dental insurance so I have to work hard to keep all our appointments spread out.
  4. Try and live under your budgeted amount for those surprise expenses – “Mom I need $10 for Powder Puff football.”
  5. If you don’t have the money, don’t go to the mall.
  6. Have a meal plan – this will save you from buying last minute at the store or even worse, going out to eat.
  7. Make sure the whole family is on board, so you are all working towards a common goal and you aren’t constantly fighting your spouse or your kids.
  8. One of the best ways to stay within your budget to is read reminders like this often. Check yourself. How are you doing? You know what to do. Have you done it?

Many people will read this and think, wow nothing new or different.  But that’s just it. They only way you can stay on budget is to do the work, the same simple steps you read everywhere. It’s like weight loss, people want the results without the work. It can’t be done. Do the work, for you and your family.


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  1. Great reminders! Thanks!