Top 3 Summer Meals and Summer Fun Activites

I haven’t been around a lot lately and I do apologize. I have been trying to take full advantage of summer.


I have worked on hard on 2 outdoor projects, redoing my outdoor table and spray painting my plastic chairs. I finally got the projects done and was so excited since I had company coming, then it rained for 3 days, then the company left…..such is life.


My frugal meals during the summer consist of anything from the Farmers Market and lots and lots of grilling. I will grill almost anything. My newest grilling favorite is grilled avocados for grilled guacomole.

But grilled pizzas has always been a favorite for our family. Sound to difficult?  Then try my grilled appetizer pizzas. Much easier.

I have an ever rotating Farmers Market Frittata.  In the spring it was asparagus, onions and squash.

Then it went to sugar snap peas and shelled peas (one of my favorites). I didn’t blanch the peas, I just shelled them and added them to the skillet and sauteed them along with all the other veggies I had.

This week I will leave the peas behind and switch to green beans. I still have lots of sweet Walla Walla sweet onions. The squash will continue all through the summer, so those go in nearly every time.

I just love the frittatas because they are an easier version of an omelet. No flipping experience needed.


We also love to hike. We have done the 5 Easy Columbia Gorge Hikes. We usually do bigger hikes, but some days it’s nice to do easy ones, and these are so beautiful.

My kids are involved in a month long conditioning camp. It keeps them busy and they LOVE it. My son won’t wake up for school, but he will get up to be tortured for the day. What gives???

Again, I am sorry I have been gone. I do have a few things I need to share with you. I still haven’t share how I haven’t shampooed my hair since April. I need my daughter to slow down long enough to take pictures. I blame her. 🙂

So what has you busy this summer?  It might just be watching your garden grow, and let me tell you, I get that!!







  1. Linda Bennett says

    You have done a great job with the sight. I love some of the ideas and the food looks awesome! Of course I could be prejudice!!


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