It’s Prom Season Again

Prom can get expensive, but we have come up with a few ways to make it more affordable.

I am bringing this post back from last year, How to Do Prom Affordable Yet Beautiful, because it was filled with money saving ideas. And I should say not just ideas, but things that we did that actually worked and saved us a ton of money.

In the process we also learned to make our own jewelery.

One tip I did suggest was buying at the end of the season for the next year. We never did do that, and it’s a good thing because my daughter is not going this year.

Instead I am going to give her $20 and she and some friends are going out on the town for some fun.

This year my son is going to his high schools formal. We had to rent a tux. I had looked into buying one, but never did come up with anything.

On top of the tux rental you also have to rent shoes.  The tux is $59 the shoes $20. Seems high for shoes compared to the rest of the tux, but don’t worry we didn’t rent them. Turns out the thing to do is to wear converse with your tux. My husband needed a new pair anyways, so my son wore those.

Tux rental is not a science by any means, but like anything else they up sell you on everything. I went in saying I wanted the absolute basic $59 tux.

She gave me the choice between 3 jackets. When she rang it up it was $114 instead of $59. I asked why, she said it was the jacket choice. Really?? We went over this already. So she switched us to the right jacket.

So $59 for the whole tux, but change the jacket by one button and the price jumps up $55. That’s one expensive button.

What other tricks should we all know about??



This year we decided to buy our tux. That’s right I got a tip that there was a Mr. Formal Outlet. We dug around for quite some time, but we ended up getting the whole ENTIRE tux for just $109.  The only thing we did not buy was the shoes. We got the jacket, vest, shirt, tie, pocket square and pants for just $109. We own it, we will use for at least 2 years and we will sell it.


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