About Me

With the economy the way it is, it seems like everyone is cutting back and trying hard not to spend money aimlessly on things.  I think this is great.  This is something that many people have needed to do for years now.  But with so many blogs out there filled with all types of money saving tips, which I too will share, there comes a point where you feel guilty buying something that you truly want or enjoy, but you need to know, it’s ok to splurge every now and then.

When I have extra money I want to spend it on things I truly enjoy, like a nice dinner out, a nice bottle of wine or even a dream vacation.  Follow me as I  help you save money on the things like food and household supplies,  and you can choose where the extra goes.

I am not a Deal Blog, but I am deal loving, coupon using, bargain hunting kind of girl.  I hate paying full price for anything.  Plus I like to brag and in the process show you how you can do it too.  I just want to encourage you to find the deals that might work for you as I share what I am excited about each week.

Not sure if couponing is for you?  Well you decide for yourself.  If you could save money on groceries and drug store items would you want to learn how?

It’s not always about coupons as a matter of fact, it’s rarely about coupons.  What if I could help you save money and not have to use a coupon at all?

There are so many ways to save money, from clothing to medical bills, birthday gifts to growing your own food.  The list never stops.

I am passionate about Gardening as I feel this is a huge way to save money, plus the health benefits are off the charts good for you.  Just because I am passionate doesn’t mean I am good at it, I am still in the learning process.

I also love food and I am always trying something new or different, because I can.

Stick around as I always have money saving ideas to share with you.

We do like to vacation, but as far as everyday items, I like a good wheat beer and my husband likes wine, which are rarely on the deal blogs as “buy now or stock up” items.  I also love a good ribeye steak, cooked at home on the grill.

Dining out is a luxury for me because I like really good food.  I like to eat things I haven’t made at home or can’t make at home.  Which is why you will see me really pushing Groupon and Restaurant.com.  If I can eat really good food at a discount I will, and I do.

I am still trying to figure out what some Money4This items might be.  Check back as I will be asking you to help me decide on some things.

I  also think it’s important to teach kids the value of money.  As a mom of 2 teenagers, it has not been an easy journey and I made plenty of mistakes, but my kids are learning to be wise with money and frugal at the same time.

I have saved enough money through the years, and I have built up a nice Therapy fund if they ever decide they need counseling from all my denying and not giving in to everything they think they need.  They should have the funds available to get the help they need.

Aside from all things saving….I love my husband Ryan, and  I love that we will celebrate 21 years this year.  I love being a mom to 2 crazy teenage kids. I love our tight nit family that we have created here in Portland, OR.  I love the roller coaster vacations that we take together.

I am now crazy addicted to blogging and love it too.  You will see me write about all those things and more.

For me this is just a journal of my journey on how I save money and how I spend it.  Check back often and see what “Money 4 This” thing I am splurging on, and what “Not 4 This” item I am saving on.  You never know, I just buy that $100 pair of jeans one of these days.