Are We Doing Our Kids a Disservice By Letting Them Go To College?

photo courtesy For this small town girl, getting away to college, experiencing life on my own, living in the dorms, learning self discipline, all while getting a great education to catapult me into life, was the way to go. The experience was so magical and amazing I think any and every kid needs to experience […]

Eggs over Sauteed Veggies and Quinoa

I love happy accidents, especially when I am really hungry and want something good and quick. Tonight was just that. I just got back from Eastern Oregon. It was a long 6.5 hour drive, but with 4 dozen farm fresh eggs in the back I knew I could come up with something creative. I had […]

Been Gone

Sorry I have been MIA. When my birthday month rolls around I go into full on vacation mode. And then I start eating all over town, and therefore I blog on my EATING blog. Anyways I am back. I will start working on a few posts here real soon. If you have followed along you […]

Losing the ‘Poo

UPDATE ::  Not all baking sodas are created equal. More info at the bottom. That’s right, I am no longer shampooing my hair.  I am sure you have heard about this since it seems to be all the rage. And I’m not gonna lie, I am LOVING it. I heard about this almost a year […]

Payday Loans

My husband and I were out driving around the other day and we passed one of those Payday Loan stores. You know what I’m talking about,  you’ve seen them around town and heard about them on the news years ago. As we drove by we were surprised to see a huge line inside. Surprised and […]

Menu Plan for January 23-29

I am pretty proud of myself. I think this is the 3rd week in a row that I have had my menu plan. We are trying to keep our food budget as low as possible, so this is helping a ton. Weird week ahead. I will be gone for a long weekend, Friday – Monday […]

How To Cut Over $100 Out of Your Monthly Budget

Photo credit Need some extra cash? No time to get another job? Sounds like it’s time to give up a few things. Some are realistic, some aren’t. Even choosing one or two things could save you $100 a month. Let’s start with the basics Stop getting your coffee at the local coffee shop Stop eating […]

Do Your Towels Stink? Mine Don’t

Nearly 2 years ago I bought towels on clearance at Target. Here’ s part of the post here :: So now my rant for why I am willing to buy cheap towels.  My towels always end up stinking.  Before when I had a top load washer I would add vinegar to take out that sour […]

Menu Plan January 15-21

I am trying to keep up with my menu plans because:: 1. It gives me future ideas 2. We all know it saves money 3. You can think through how to buy a special ingredient and use it up before it’s spoils and has to be thrown out. For instance Basil or last week I […]

Benefits of Menu Planning

I had a friend ask on Facebook what people were serving for dinner on a regular basis. It’s a good question. You get stuck in a rut and you want to find out what others are doing, because their rut is different than your rut. And before you know it you have 5 new meals. […]