Learn to Cook to Save Money

I love to cook. I am always trying something new or checking out recipes from every site. When I first got my iPhone I loaded recipe sites. Cooking great home meals saves you so much money. In the Portland area I have checked out a few cooking classes. I have found them to all be […]

Cheap Movie Tickets

Today Living Social is offering 2 movie Tickets through Fandango for $9. Need I say more?? This is a one day deal, so jump on it if you want it. Woohoo! I am a big fan of dating my husband, I am also horribly frugal and hate paying for movies, so this is a win […]

Redbox Deals and Good Eats

There are 2 great deals out there that I want to make sure everyone sees. First off Redbox is offering 3 movies for $1. This offer is through Groupon. It still has 2 more days on it, so take advantage of this one. I might just buy more than one, since you can buy them […]

6 Good Deals to Look For In January

Update:  Yes, Target did have some great clearance, yes school supplies did come out, but not clearanced just yet, I got jeans at Aeropostal for $9.99. The store was filled with them. And Albertsons did have their Quaker sale again this year, but it wasn’t nearly as good as last year. Did anyone find any […]

Scrapbooks Etc. Magazine Just $5.99

For all you scrapbookers out there you are going to want to get your hand this magazine. Scrapbook Etc. Magazine is just $5.99 a year and you can purchase up to 4 years at this price. You will find all kinds of ideas in these magazines to make perfect and memorable pages.  It comes with […]

Oprah Magazine Just $10

Not sure if everyone saw this yet, but such a great magazine at a low price.  Groupon is offering this One Year Subscription to Oprah magazine for just $10. It doesn’t look like everyone is being offered this deal, so if you want to take advantage of it just change the city to Portland and […]

Everything I Wanted But Didn’t Get For Christmas

Is on sale now at Sears.  Wh0 remembers that jingle from years past? How many are headed out to look for some after Christmas deals? There will be deals to be had on the day after Christmas, but be warned they might not be as good as you hope. Why you ask? Well, people are […]

Dave’s Killer Bread Over 50% Off

I was just at the Dave’s Killer Bread store using another coupon I had.  The best part is you can buy day old bread for just $2.60 a loaf.  We were there on Dec. 2 and the “old” bread we bought had a sell by date of Dec. 9.  Go figure. Anyways with the day […]

Tippr Launching in Portland

I have been watching Tippr for awhile and waiting for it to come to Portland.  Finally the time has come.  They are offering a great deal.  If you sign up today you can instantly get $5 in your account.  You don’t even need to buy anything right away, but when you do you will already […]

Outlet Malls, Are They Worth Your Time?

The Christmas season is in full swing, which means everyone is out searching for bargains, deals and the items they just can’t live without. Many people will head to Outlet Malls.  Here in the Portland, Oregon area, many people will head to the Woodburn Company Store.  Funny facts about this “Outlet Mall” It’s one of […]