Oregon Coast and Beer

Oregon Coast and Beer, what’s not to love? If you are from the area or looking to vacation along the Oregon Coast this is a great deal. For just $199 you can get 2 nights, a large bottle of beer from a local restaurant and breakfast one day at the Pelican pub. This little town […]

Great Groupon Vacation Deal

This great Groupon deal is back!  Last time it sold out quickly, so if you want it, grab it now. World Resorts International is offering a 7 night stay for just $399.This is a $1500 value. This is a great price for accommodations and you can choose U.S., Mexico or Canada. Just go to the […]

10 Frugal Travel Tips

  We are big roller coaster fans, for those of you that don’t know. (And yes we are in the front seats, and yes there is no one else on the coaster because we ran.) But I also know many people will be hitting the parks for a summer vacation. Where ever you are headed […]

Watch House Prices All Over the World

I am constantly watching housing prices. I watch them because I always want to know what my house is worth. You know wondering if it will ever get back to the price it once was. I also check house prices when I go on vacation to other destinations. I do that because I begin to […]

5 Car Rental Tips That Save You Time and Money

I think the one thing I hate to do when I travel is arranging the rental car. It’s mostly because I am so frugal that I will compare every single company and try and save myself $2. In the process it takes me an hour to save that $2. I am trying to let go […]

Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport at 50% Off

I have to sadly admit I have never been to the Oregon Coast Aquarium. With a deal like today’s it might be time to make a trek down to check it out. I love this Groupon offer because I know people are always looking for coupons to the Oregon Coast Aquarium since it can get […]

How to Travel With High Gas Prices

Really all you can do if you are traveling is suck it up. Gas prices are high, making everything else along the way high too. If you are traveling by car there are a few things that can help cut some costs. Aside from the travel at 55 mph for the best possible mpg (which […]

It’s Time to Start Thinking About a Summer Vacation

If your like us and don’t have Spring Break plans, you will want to start planning that summer vacation, just to have something to look forward too!!!  Sun and warm, that’s what I want!!! Any vacation can be done affordably, it just takes planning. Do you like to golf, go to the spa, eat out, […]

Embassy Suites at the Airport Just $119

For those of you traveling this Spring Break here is a deal for you, especially if you have an early morning flight. For just $119 you can get a suite at Embassy Suites by the Portland International Airport. It comes with an Evening reception, a made to order breakfast and parking for seven days. This […]

Affordable Romantic Getaway

Groupon is offering a one night stay at the Historic Columbia Gorge Hotel.  For $120 you get one night’s stay plus $40 towards dinner at Simons. (This deal can be found on the side bar) My husband and I went there for the first time in June.  There are 2 different places to stay.  This […]