It’s Prom Season Again

Prom can get expensive, but we have come up with a few ways to make it more affordable. I am bringing this post back from last year, How to Do Prom Affordable Yet Beautiful, because it was filled with money saving ideas. And I should say not just ideas, but things that we did that […]

Portland Monthly Subscription

I was excited today to see that Portland Monthly is on Living Social today. You get a 2 year subscription for just $15. Here is why I love this magazine :: It always has great food articles.  The most recent was the Best Restaurants of 2012. They highlight everything from the best breakfast spots to […]

College on a Budget

Until both my kids graduation college you just might keep hearing from me on this topic.  Only because I believe we can get our kids into a College or University and not come out on the other end with more debt than anyone can handle. When I write these articles I am writing from a […]

Are We Doing Our Kids a Disservice By Letting Them Go To College?

photo courtesy For this small town girl, getting away to college, experiencing life on my own, living in the dorms, learning self discipline, all while getting a great education to catapult me into life, was the way to go. The experience was so magical and amazing I think any and every kid needs to experience […]

How To Cut Over $100 Out of Your Monthly Budget

Photo credit Need some extra cash? No time to get another job? Sounds like it’s time to give up a few things. Some are realistic, some aren’t. Even choosing one or two things could save you $100 a month. Let’s start with the basics Stop getting your coffee at the local coffee shop Stop eating […]

It’s Time For “The Talk”

It’s that time of year again, so bringing back a post from last year. We are fully into November now and we are coming up on Christmas quicker than you can say “Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color?” If you are one of those families that buys for everyone, why don’t you approach the […]

Grilled Corn Salad

I am bringing this back from last year because this is such a great summer salad.  Once again I took it to a party and it was a huge hit. Last week corn was 20¢ each at Freddy Meyer so I loaded up so I could make this salad.  I have my own basil, so […]

Get Your Grill On

I love summer and I love grilling.  Yep, you have heard me say that over and over.  I grill everything.  Mini pizzas, large pizzas, dessert, and whole meals.  I also grill fruit.  Check out this beauty I just found with vanilla sugar. Today I made Grilled Veggie Sandwiches with Marinated Mozzarella and some with Goat […]

10 Ways to Save Money This Summer

Here in the Pacific NW we always joke that summer starts after July 4th, well we are pretty much right on schedule.  So to celebrate the beginning of our official summer, let’s look at ways to save. 1.  Go to Yard Sales – My husband is not a huge fan, but I do love making […]

5 Ways to Keep from Over Spending During a Move-Tuesday’s Tip

This seems to be the time of year that people start to pack their bags and move.  Or maybe it’s just us, we have moved 14 times in our 21 years of marriage.  People ask if we are military, I just tell them we are running from the law. Seriously we have had a series […]