Portland Monthly Subscription

I was excited today to see that Portland Monthly is on Living Social today. You get a 2 year subscription for just $15. Here is why I love this magazine :: It always has great food articles.  The most recent was the Best Restaurants of 2012. They highlight everything from the best breakfast spots to […]

Little Big Burger

Finding a great local place in your area is always nice. Great food, great price makes me a happy woman. Looking for a fun place to go eat that won’t break the bank in Portland?  Head on down to Little Big Burger, located in the Pearl. This is such a fun, new place in Portland. […]

Bumblekiss in the Beaumont Village

Yesterday you saw the LivingSocial deal for Bumblekiss and today we used it. I know we don’t normally go through our coupons that quickely, but it just worked out that way. This place was amazing and worth every penny, even though we didn’t have to use all that many pennies because of our great coupon. […]

Bumblekiss at Over 50% Off

Living Social has a great deal today. Then before you buy, they sweeten the deal even more, check it out. You get $20 worth of food at Bumblekiss in Portland, for just $10. Take 30 seconds and watch a video and they will give you an additional $2 off. If you have never used LivingSocial […]

Redbox Deals and Good Eats

There are 2 great deals out there that I want to make sure everyone sees. First off Redbox is offering 3 movies for $1. This offer is through Groupon. It still has 2 more days on it, so take advantage of this one. I might just buy more than one, since you can buy them […]

Baja Fresh 50% Off

I don’t eat at chain restaurants, because I just can’t tolerate them and I don’t eat fast food because it’s just gross.  BUT what I do eat is Mexican fast food chains.  I know, weird, but it’s one thing I will tolerate and do like. Sometimes you need that quick, easy, cheap meal. Plus I […]

Portland Food Cart-Best Bang For Your Buck

Today I did another field trip with another local blogger, Inspired2Cook.  This is what we found. Food carts are everywhere in Portland.  As a matter of fact in one of the recent Portland Monthly issues they talked about all the food carts and rated the best ones from each pod. The food carts are a […]

A Chocolate Walking Tour and Childcare

I love it when the Groupons line up to create a great day with your honey.  I am a big fan of dating your spouse and when coupons collide to make it happen it’s all the better.  If you were to ask me I would also say dating your spouse is a Money4This expense.  I […]

Porcelli’s Restaurant Review

Another day, another great meal using a very good coupon.  Today we went out to breakfast.  As we arrived and read through the requirements we quickly realized we had to spend $35 to use our $25 discount.  No problem as I love to eat.  We got the coupon from Restaurant.com.  We paid $2 for a […]

Noho’s Restaurant Coupon with Groupon

You know me the foodie, that can’t get enough of the Portland food.  The other day I said to my husband “I am craving Noho’s”  and what do you know, today’s Groupon is for Noho’s. This is a great Hawaiian Cafe that serves not only great food, but serves it in very large portions.  All […]