Have You Been to the Waffle Window?

Honestly if anyone ever asked me what to do in Portland when it’s raining, I would tell them to try some of the amazing places to eat.  You will probably have to drive into some interesting parts of town to find something different yet incredible. Portlanders take just as much pride in creating an atmosphere […]

How to Find a Good Restaurant

UrbanSpoon Rocks!  Yep, it’s true and I use it all the time. Have you used it?  I use it before I buy my gift certificates through Restaurants.com or Groupon.

Date Night on the Cheap

I love when 2 great deals come across at the same time. The best part about these 2 deals is in my area they are right next door to each other making it a perfect date night. You can start off the night at Split and get $50 worth of Cocktails, wine, and bistro fare […]

Beer ‘n’ Burgers a Blast

When the sun is shining in Portland, there is no place I would rather be.  Yesterday was no exception. You have to see what was happening in my city yesterday. A few weeks back I had mentioned this great event going on.  The best part was if you prepaid it was $15 each or $20 […]

Coffee Specials, Burgerville Basket Upgrades, Restaurant Coupons and More

It’s been awhile since I have posted any coupons, deals and such, but I did want to take a minute today to point out a few that I think are great and I am going to take advantage of. Since it’s the beginning of the month you need to check out Coupons.com and get the […]

Brasserie Montmartre

It’s been a while since I have reported on a good splurge, and if you have been following me long you know that means dinner out.  But, we did it rather inexpensively because of our Happy Hour Book. It was the end of our anniversary trip and we were headed back into town.  We decided […]