3 Tips to Avoid the Common Cold

Yep, that’s it, just 3 easy steps. Don’t touch your eyes or nose if you haven’t washed your hands.  If you are not sure, use your shirt, just don’t let your kids catch you. At the first signs of “I wonder if I might be getting it” take Airborne every 3 hours throughout the day. […]

Shape Magazine $1.99 a Year

Just last week Shape Magazine was $3 for the year, now Shape Magazine is down to $1.99 a year and you can get up to 3 years at this price. As always with Tanga grab it while you can.  The price might go up, then once it’s gone, it’s gone. I promise to bring you […]

Fitness Magazine Just $3 for a Year

We have yet another great magazine deal for you.  Fitness Magazine for just $2.99 a year.   Each year this magazine puts out 10 issues.  At this price you can request up to 5 years of this magazine. The price will show $19.99, but if you use the code “FIT” it will come down to $2.99. […]

Give Club Sport a Try

Todays Groupon is for 14 visits to Club Sport for $39.  This is a killer deal.  If you were to walk in today it would cost you $15 for a day pass. This was my gym and once I fully recover from my surgery it will be again.  I am going to buy this Groupon […]

Frugal Made Me Do It

I will do just about anything to save money and today I think I am willing to do something I swore I would never do again.   Acupuncture….LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THOSE NEEDLES!!!! Let me back up and explain how I got to here. I first shared with all of you that I had decided […]

Still Processing Food, Inc

I shared with you that I had finally watched the movie Food, Inc.  I am still processing it.  Still trying to figure out how we will do things differently.  Take time to read some of the comments as they were full of good information. About 3 years ago I took out almost all Partially Hydrogenated […]

Have Little Ones and Still Want to Workout?

These things were not around when my kids were little.  Well maybe there were some around, but they were not being advertised and offered for a fraction of the price. Today’s offer from Living Social is Stroller Stride.  You get 10 fitness classes for $50.  There are 15 local locations to choose from in the […]

Frugal and Fit

I love to work out, or I should currently phrase it, I loved to work out.  I can’t wait to get back to that lifestyle.  I had a membership at the only club in town, well it was when I joined.  It was a super nice club, and once I am physically able I will […]

Move Over Lindsay Wagner

Ah!!  I am not a very patient patient. I had my 2 week check up yesterday, turns out my new bionic body is going to take much longer than I thought to heal. The check up itself was quite comical, well at least for me, but my doctor is very good natured and I really […]

Health Insurance Won’t Pay? Don’t Give Up Yet

For my loyal visitors that come to check what deals I find or splurges I find…thank you.  I know I have been out of it since my surgery.  I sleep most of the days, probably due to the loads of meds that I am on. Right now I want to share with you something I […]