How Much Are You Willing to Spend?

I talk a lot about what I will spend money on and the things that I think you should use a coupon and get for FREE or next to nothing.  I share all kinds of tips of how to save, some which don’t even include coupons.  We all come to that one cross road in […]

Tuesday’s Tip – How to Save Money on Health Insurance

When is the last time you did  your homework, including your math, and made sure you were getting the best possible deal on your Health Insurance? Whenever our renewal comes, I double check to make sure we are still making the best decision and paying the best price for our family. Here a few things […]

Summer Activites for Kids-Paying vs. FREE

Let’s see by a raise of hands who would want to have your kids participate in FREE activities?  Then let’s see those that would like to pay a couple hundred dollars for them to participate? It sounds like a no brainer, but when you have older kids unfortunately the FREE stuff goes out the door.  […]

Is Organic Really Organic??

A few years ago I had to do on the Candida diet, for medical reasons.  Through this diet I learned the dangers of eating foods that weren’t organic.  The more I got into it the more I realized that if you buy any food you will never know for sure if it is organic. When […]

FREE Prescriptions

This is just in from one of my friends.  She went to Haggen tonight to pick up some antibiotics for her kids.  She was told that they have an antibiotic program now where if you have a prescription and it has a generic, you can get it for FREE whether or not you have insurance. […]

Tuesday’s Tip – 4 Ways to Save Money on Medical Bills

Fortunately for us we have only had a few instances where we have had big medical bills.  No matter how big or small, there are ways to save money on your medical bills, you just need to do some work. 1.  Make Sure You Are Not Overcharged The routine check ups are easy to watch […]

Health Insurance Hoops

I know you often come here looking for deals or coupons or pictures of what I bought or what I broke or better yet what I want to buy this week.  After all that’s what my site is about right? Well in the midst of all those things like happens.  Which is why I show […]