How to Plant Tomatoes

I am resurrecting this old post, because it’s that time of year.   1.  Dig a Hole 2.  Plant Tomato That’s how I have been doing it for years, until last year when I bought my plants at a Farmers Market and I was taught a new way.  I called to confirm with my dad […]

Payday Loans

My husband and I were out driving around the other day and we passed one of those Payday Loan stores. You know what I’m talking about,  you’ve seen them around town and heard about them on the news years ago. As we drove by we were surprised to see a huge line inside. Surprised and […]

10 Ways to Have an Organized “File by Pile” Method

  I file by pile. It’s a sad truth. But, in my defense, I know where things are because I kind of have a system, or so I think. The best way to have an organized “File by Pile” method is to have them at least contained. Here are 10 ways to to contain those […]

More Outdoor Furniture Makeovers

If you read about my Yard Sale you will remember that I sold my patio set. My husband did not like it. I really liked it, but we ended up selling it for more than we paid for it, so it’s gone. We went out walking one night shortly after that and saw that our […]

Updating Outdoor Furniture

I bought these 2 chairs at a yard sale for 33¢ each. Yep you read that right. He had both chairs priced at 50¢ each and when I asked how much for the matching stool, he just said to take it. So I did,  I got all 3 for just a buck. So technically the […]

How to Make $1000 At Your Next Garage Sale

  Signs to direct traffic in :: $5 Change in the money box before the day started :: $30 Sales made throughout the weekend :: over $1000 Looks on peoples faces when we told them we took credit cards at our garage sale :: PRICELESS I have a complete list of  How To Have A […]

Watch House Prices All Over the World

I am constantly watching housing prices. I watch them because I always want to know what my house is worth. You know wondering if it will ever get back to the price it once was. I also check house prices when I go on vacation to other destinations. I do that because I begin to […]

Do You Have a Good Deals Lot?

  Over in Sherwood we have a nursery called Loen’s. It’s fun to walk around and check stuff out and see the different plants and get an idea of what things are. There are several things worth buying here, but… You can go across the road to the wholesale lot. At the wholesale lot they […]

Garden Corner in Tualatin at 50% Off

The Garden Corner in Tualatin is offering a $30 gift certificate for just $15. I love this place. It’s right down the road from me and I drive by and drool a lot. They have everything from small plants to large out door decor. It’s a fun place to just go walk around. I am […]

Gardening in the NW in 2011

I just read the upcoming spring report and yes it did make me grumpy. I love gardening. Not so much the flowers, although I am getting better at that, but I love my edible garden. My tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, zucchini and squash. Just to name a few. Last year we had an awful spring and […]