Don’t Be Afraid! 3 Steps to Selling Your Own Home

This is actually tons easier than people think. Many people do it and many people are successful. Plus it’s a great money saver if you are willing to give it a shot. 1.  Get Your House Seen You can still get your house listed on an MLS listing and the cost is a fraction of […]

13 Steps on How To Get Your House Ready To Sell

Some of you have sold houses and know all the tricks. Others need to know how to get your house ready to sell. If you need some guidance, I am here to help. Spring is a big time of year to sell houses. People are ready to start looking, because they know they can move […]

5 Chores I Would Never Pay My Kids to Do

Over the years I have gone back and forth over “if” and “how much” I will pay me kids, but there are some things I just won’t pay my kids to do. I firmly believe that my kids are part of this family and because of that they need to help out.  Unfortunately for my […]

Home Refinance Rates. Are They Worth It?

Home mortgage refinancing sounds like a good idea, especially with the low interest home loans. So why would it NOT be a good idea to refinance home loans? If you qualify, you need to take advantage home mortgage refinancing, but you need to be aware of some new rules that have gone into place to […]

It’s October 1st

That is crazy to me.  As you may know I am not much of a fall person, but this last week of heat and sun has been such a treat, I think I can willingly go into fall and start what I love, fall cooking.  I will give more details on that later, as I […]

Tuesday’s Tip – Cut Back on Electricity and Save a Fan

In each of the bathrooms we added timer switches to our fans.  If you forget to turn it off before you run out the door, you could come home to the fan still running, who knows how many hours later. I know we aren’t talking the same amount as leaving your A/C running all day, […]

Tuesday’s Tip – Sharing Bulbs

Right now Spring Garden Bulbs are on sale everywhere.  I personally think the ones at Costco are the best price, but I won’t lie, 100 of one flower becomes a lot.  Find a friend, choose 2 that you like and split the bags.  Most times the bags are split evenly into separate bags already. That […]

Only in a Small Town

I grew up in a small town, I mean really small town.  Population 150.  I moved away 23 years ago knowing I would never make that my home, but I love love to visit. There are things that take place in a small town that you read about, and you always wonder, “Do they really […]

Just a Day to Vent

Today I am joining in a blog carnival called Friday Flip Offs.  I have had a few frustrating things happening lately and thought it just might feel good to vent. My first flip off is to Dick’s Sporting Goods.  My husband had dropped off a few kids at the mall to hang out for bit.  […]

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Change Your Room Instantly and Easily

I have been really content with my house.  I have it basically decorated the way I want, I have it painted throughout, yet I still have room for those things that I might run across that “I need.” Even though I am happy I decided that it was time for a little change. We have […]