Are We Doing Our Kids a Disservice By Letting Them Go To College?

photo courtesy For this small town girl, getting away to college, experiencing life on my own, living in the dorms, learning self discipline, all while getting a great education to catapult me into life, was the way to go. The experience was so magical and amazing I think any and every kid needs to experience […]

Entertaining on a Budget

I had the Homecoming Dinner at our house for my daughters group. I was able to serve a very elegant dinner for not a lot of money. It saved all the kids money not having to go out to eat, but it also gave the girls less time in those high heel shoes that they […]

How to Pay for Your College Education Part 2

Many people start thinking about college when the kids are Juniors. Those that are really on the ball might even start when the kids are Sophomores. It’s kind of hard to think about your child starting high school and leaving home all at the same time. We as parents like to live in denial that […]

How To Pay For Your College Education Part 1

There are many things that the university financial aid offices think you should do like :: Sell your house Sell off your property Sell a kidney Quit eating Cancel your insurance You know, they look at your income and think you have money and assets and therefore you should be able to pay for college […]

Should We Pay For Good Grades?

The school year has either started or nearly started and out comes the question…. Should we pay our children if they get good grades? And if you do, how much is too much? PROS of paying for grades If your child has been slacking it will hopefully help them keep the grades up Gives your […]

Senior Pictures. A Splurge or Not?

That is the question…… Now I am just trying to find the answer. I just came across this website that mocked all the senior picture poses from years gone by. You know what I’m talking about. Leaning against a ladder, like it’s something you do every day. Or snuggled up against a wall, because that’s […]

Change – Not the Kind in Your Pocket

This week we celebrated our 21 year anniversary and my daughter officially became a senior. My son is done with school for the year and will transfer from a private Christian school to the public school with his sister. I like to think I am fairly calm about all this. The marriage thing is a […]

Should We Pay for Our Kids’ College Education?

We have spent the spring looking at colleges and we aren’t even done yet, we are headed to Settle this week to check out more.  It’s crazy the cost of college education. It’s also crazy to hear people talk about college now. It’s different than it used to be. Many are arguing that getting a […]

Teaching Your Children The Value of a Dollar

When it comes to teaching a child about money and the value of a dollar, it can almost never be too early. Just the other day, my three year old threw a major tantrum in our local Target because he just “had to have” a random toy that carried an $85 price tag. No reason, […]

Should You Buy Your Teenager a Car?

Alright this is a legit question and I have friends on both sides of the fence. One side says, “It makes my life easier and less running around for me.” The other group says, “I am NOT going to just hand them a car, they need to earn it or pay for it or have […]