5 Chores I Would Never Pay My Kids to Do

Over the years I have gone back and forth over “if” and “how much” I will pay me kids, but there are some things I just won’t pay my kids to do. I firmly believe that my kids are part of this family and because of that they need to help out.  Unfortunately for my […]

Didn’t Save for College? There is Still a Way to Pay

Parade magazine had a big article on the ways to save and pay for college.  I even saw someone do a post on it, and basically they quoted all the Parade had to say. I thought it was good information, but it was all about how to save for college. (If you have the means, […]

A Whole Lot of Frugal Going On

Today I have a Guest Post over at Frugal Living NW.  You have heard me mention this sight many times.  I love having a local deal blog that I can follow so I can save on all my grocery and household needs. If you are coming over from Frugal Living NW, I thank you for […]

School Clothes Shopping with a Middle School Girl

Today I am going to reach out to you and ask you, is this a Money 4 This or Not 4 That?  If you have a middle school girl you know exactly where I am headed.   If you don’t, but you remember your middle school years you too know where I am headed. Boys […]

School Clothes Shopping That’s Easy on Your Pocketbook

Just like school supplies, there are keys to getting the great deals.  Read on for your Tuesday Tip: Shop Your Closet – I don’t care how big or small your closet or drawers are, there are things in there you have forgotten about.  Pull out everything and evaluate.  This is where everyone should start. Have […]

Tuesday’s Tip – Teenage Clothing Swap

Who doesn’t like getting something for nothing or something for nearly nothing?  I think we all do. You might remember our recent Prom that we did on a budget.  You might also remember how my daughter found a way to make a necklace that she had seen else where for over $30. You have also […]

What We Do For Our Kids

So today my son tells me he wants to have an After Graduation Party at our house…..tomorrow.  I agree, and he puts it up as his Facebook status.  At that point I did what any mom in a messy house and not enough food to feed that many kids would do, I took a really […]

Happy Mother’s Day

My day was amazing because I have an amazing family.  I love them. I have been a Mom for 16 years, but this was a Mother’s Day of firsts for me. The first time I have had one of my kids be taller than me The first time I have had a kid driving themselves […]

Kids and Budgeting

I think the whole concept of giving my kids a budget kind of took me by surprise.  I thought we would go out and shop for good deals, save lots of money and end of story.  BUT NO!  Girls like to have new clothes and apparently need a lot of them.  Well, it wasn’t in […]

Teach Your Kids Money Management – GIVEAWAY

If you have been following me at all you know I am passionate about Teaching Kids the Value of Money.  I feel, as parents, it is a huge responsibility on our part. I have shared a few different ways we have done it over the years, but I haven’t even touched on the number of […]