Out and About This Week

These are some of the deals that I have stumbled upon this week that I found while out and about.  These are things that we buy with our without coupon, so glad that I found these good deals.  Since we were gone because of spring break I didn’t do much shopping this week, so these […]

Ebates.com- It’s All True!

All the things people say is true.  I just joined Ebates.com in December and put in an order for an item that was giving a 5% cash back.  I kind of forgot about the whole thing because I don’t order online a ton, and then it showed up in my mail and check for $12.48…all […]

Dick’s Sporting Goods Clearance

Wow we loaded up.  I know these prices aren’t $1.83 or anything like that, but for snowboarding stuff we got some great deals.  I have worked so hard to save money on Food and on Personal Care products that we are able to spend money on these things.  Not only that but we took advantage […]

Couponing My Way #2

This is coming from a beginner as I go through the process.  So journey with me.  Hopefully I will figure this out quickly. There is so much information on the web that it just seems to be overwhelming. So I have decided that I just need to really concentrate on 1 store that I will […]