8 Ways to Stay Within Your Budget

Always struggling?  Here are 8 quick basic reminders for you. Know what your budget is – don’t laugh, some people have no idea Write down every penny you spend. Even if you only do this for a month or so, it gives you an idea of where the money is going. I tell you this […]

Where Did My New Years Resolution Go?

It’s already May. Where did the first part of the year go? By now everyone has long forgotten their New Year’s Resolution.  As a matter of fact no one is even talking about New Year’s Resolutions. That’s why if you remember correctly from my article back in December I wrote about how I don’t do […]

I Am a Spender, Trying to Change My Ways

I am continuing my series on “I Am A Spender.” Start here with “Are you a Spender?” and “I am a Spender, How Do I Change My Ways?” Once you figure out your priorities and you think through ways you can cut in your priority area and even give up in other areas you still […]