It’s Prom Season Again

Prom can get expensive, but we have come up with a few ways to make it more affordable. I am bringing this post back from last year, How to Do Prom Affordable Yet Beautiful, because it was filled with money saving ideas. And I should say not just ideas, but things that we did that […]

I am a Spender. How Do I Change My Ways Now?

I am writing a short series on how to stop being a spender.  If you haven’t been following start HERE and you can catch up. If you are back and continuing on, thank you.  Last time we talked about figuring out your priorities.  We talked about my priority, food, but also the priorities of others, […]

6 Good Deals to Look For In January

Update:  Yes, Target did have some great clearance, yes school supplies did come out, but not clearanced just yet, I got jeans at Aeropostal for $9.99. The store was filled with them. And Albertsons did have their Quaker sale again this year, but it wasn’t nearly as good as last year. Did anyone find any […]

Quality Clothing vs. Quanity Clothing

photo courtesy of net-efekt This is a tough one for some people, but for me it’s an absolute no brainer. I prefer quantity over quality, but nonetheless let’s look at the pro’s and cons of both. Quality Clothing Pros: Made much better Should not fall apart quickly if cared for properly Stylish Cons: Costs more, […]

Goodwill Outlet

I never knew this place even existed, so I was excited to see what it was about.  I know someone that goes on occasion, so she decided to show me the ropes.  She kept calling this place the bins, but I still had no idea what it would be like. Here are the bins As […]

Nordstrom Rack 50% Off

TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!  GOOD THROUGH TODAY. I hope some of you have already seen this and taken advantage, but if you haven’t you need to jump on this.  Nordstrom rack is already priced to sell and then you can get an additional 50% off with today’s Groupon. The Groupon expires December 31st making it […]

Don’t Touch My Junk T-Shirt

I am sure you, along with all of America, has been following the TSA’s new rules with screening.  I just can’t get over all that is going on.  The pictures that have already been leaked onto the web.  I have even heard rumors that they are “profiling” hot chicks for the full body scanners. If […]

Half Off American Apparel

If you have a teenage daughter you will want to get this Groupon.  It’s half off American Apparel. You get $50 worth of clothing for just $25.  This is a great discount for American Apparel. I shouldn’t just say daughter, this store also sells guy clothes, it just that my daughter cares and my son […]

$3 Off Jeans at Target

Target has released their new coupons for the month and they have $3 off jeans again.  I love these because I wait for jeans to go on sale or clearance.  We have purchased our last few pairs of jeans for $12 each. If you want these or any of the apparel coupons from Target print […]

Make That Plain T-Shirt Stylish For FREE

This was quite a stretch for me!  So if I can do it, anyone can.  I saw this t-shirt redo on a post last week and was so excited about the possibility that I started digging through my closet immediately for the perfect shirt. I couldn’t find a shirt right away to do the project […]