$50 Gift Card to Gap for Just $25

Today’s Groupon is for a $50 Gift Card to Gap, but it will cost you just $25.  That’s a 50% discount off anything you buy for back to school. Better yet, take this gift card and hold on to it until after school starts and I am sure you will make it go a very […]

Great Prices on Clothes at Target

We are trying real hard this year to stay on pretty tight back to school budget.  My kids are ok with getting more clothes in January, so stocking up a little right now is all we are really doing. Last week we went to Target.  My daughter found 2 pairs of jeans each $20.  I […]

Tuesday’s Tips – 10 Ways to Save on Clothing

If you have spent any time on my site you know I am big into couponing.  But you also need to know I am big into getting any good deal, with or without a coupon. I have decided to start a Tuesdays Tips where I will share a money saving tip that has nothing to […]

Target Clearance 2/26

I only had a few minutes to make my way through Target.  I wasn’t planning on going at all, but I saw posted somewhere that someone had bought large boxes of Instant Oatmeal, with the 30 pkgs of instant oatmeal. Regularly priced at $6.99 Clearance for $3.48 used $1 off from HERE or Albertsons coupon […]

Dick’s Sporting Goods Clearance

Wow we loaded up.  I know these prices aren’t $1.83 or anything like that, but for snowboarding stuff we got some great deals.  I have worked so hard to save money on Food and on Personal Care products that we are able to spend money on these things.  Not only that but we took advantage […]

My Birthday Present to Myself

I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl so when I decided to get myself a new outfit for my birthday party I knew it would be simple.  I wasn’t actually looking at the time, but I stumbled upon these cute jeans for just $7.48 and this shirt for $4.48.  My new birthday outfit […]