College on a Budget

Until both my kids graduation college you just might keep hearing from me on this topic.  Only because I believe we can get our kids into a College or University and not come out on the other end with more debt than anyone can handle. When I write these articles I am writing from a […]

Are We Doing Our Kids a Disservice By Letting Them Go To College?

photo courtesy For this small town girl, getting away to college, experiencing life on my own, living in the dorms, learning self discipline, all while getting a great education to catapult me into life, was the way to go. The experience was so magical and amazing I think any and every kid needs to experience […]

How to Pay for Your College Education Part 2

Many people start thinking about college when the kids are Juniors. Those that are really on the ball might even start when the kids are Sophomores. It’s kind of hard to think about your child starting high school and leaving home all at the same time. We as parents like to live in denial that […]

How To Pay For Your College Education Part 1

There are many things that the university financial aid offices think you should do like :: Sell your house Sell off your property Sell a kidney Quit eating Cancel your insurance You know, they look at your income and think you have money and assets and therefore you should be able to pay for college […]

Should We Pay for Our Kids’ College Education?

We have spent the spring looking at colleges and we aren’t even done yet, we are headed to Settle this week to check out more.  It’s crazy the cost of college education. It’s also crazy to hear people talk about college now. It’s different than it used to be. Many are arguing that getting a […]

Didn’t Save for College? There is Still a Way to Pay

Parade magazine had a big article on the ways to save and pay for college.  I even saw someone do a post on it, and basically they quoted all the Parade had to say. I thought it was good information, but it was all about how to save for college. (If you have the means, […]