Are You a Spender??

We live rather frugally.  I have always watched what we spend and monitored it pretty well.  I know I could have done better and been putting more away, but…what can I say.  We try and keep the balance of enjoying our life right now as well. What I do know is that we have a […]

Is Couponing for You?

I know there are some of you that just linger just to see what all of us are up too, but you still haven’t really taken the plunge. I know what many of you are also thinking,  “I don’t want 5 boxes of fruit snacks, I just want meat and potatoes.”  It’s harder to find […]

Albertson’s Quaker Sale

This sale is GREAT!  I don’t have a ton of coupons, so I kind of went out today to check it out and see what the stock was looking like and exactly what was included.  Some of you have gone onto and printed coupons for the fiber Quaker bars.  Those are for sure NOT […]

Quaker Sale at Albertons

For all you looking for some great deals on Quaker products this is the week.  The prices and a coupons are being shown on all kinds of blogs.  So instead of repeating everything they have already said I am just going to pass you to Frugal Living NW and Krazy Coupon Lady and let them […]