School Supplies – How to Get the Best Prices

It’s true, those back to school supplies are already out.  How is that even possible?  Here in the Pacific NW summer is just getting under way, or so it seems. But they are there and they are ready for the picking.  Some people will see them and jump right in and get it done and […]

Are You a Spender??

We live rather frugally.  I have always watched what we spend and monitored it pretty well.  I know I could have done better and been putting more away, but…what can I say.  We try and keep the balance of enjoying our life right now as well. What I do know is that we have a […]

Redbox Deals and Good Eats

There are 2 great deals out there that I want to make sure everyone sees. First off Redbox is offering 3 movies for $1. This offer is through Groupon. It still has 2 more days on it, so take advantage of this one. I might just buy more than one, since you can buy them […]

Baja Fresh 50% Off

I don’t eat at chain restaurants, because I just can’t tolerate them and I don’t eat fast food because it’s just gross.  BUT what I do eat is Mexican fast food chains.  I know, weird, but it’s one thing I will tolerate and do like. Sometimes you need that quick, easy, cheap meal. Plus I […]

Dave’s Killer Bread Over 50% Off

I was just at the Dave’s Killer Bread store using another coupon I had.  The best part is you can buy day old bread for just $2.60 a loaf.  We were there on Dec. 2 and the “old” bread we bought had a sell by date of Dec. 9.  Go figure. Anyways with the day […]

10 Ways to Keep From Getting Suckered into a Good Deal

Since I am on vacation this week I am pulling out an archive.  With Christmas right around the corner and with my little reminder yesterday, I thought I should just bring back the whole thing. When we were super poor I used to walk the aisles of Target looking for clearance items.  I could get […]

50% off The Body Shop

This is a nationwide offer from Groupon today.  For $20 you can get $40 worth of product at The Body Shop.  What a great Christmas gift!!! This offer is good for 2 per person.  In Store only and you may use it with the “Love Your Body Club” discount and it’s also valid towards sale […]

$3 Off Jeans at Target

Target has released their new coupons for the month and they have $3 off jeans again.  I love these because I wait for jeans to go on sale or clearance.  We have purchased our last few pairs of jeans for $12 each. If you want these or any of the apparel coupons from Target print […]

Jamba Juice Coupon

My kids love these, but I hate to pay for them, so this becomes a win win for our family. So head on over to and print your Buy 1 Get 1 Jamba Juice today.  Coupon is good through September 22. Thanks, Inspired2Cook!!

Stockpiling with FREE Pasta

It’s been awhile since I have showed you some good deals out there, but I have some for you this week.  This is in an effort to start stockpile shopping again, so I have things on hand. Today I made my way to Safeway for some FREE Barilla Pasta.  It was on sale for 5 […]