Dinner and a Show for $35

If you are in or near Portland today’s Groupon is a great one.  No wait, not just great, but fabulous. The restaurant is 50 Plates and the Groupon is for $50 worth of Food and Drinks.  Yep that’s what it says, Food and Drinks.  All for just $25. 50 Plates is located in the Pearl […]

Stockpiling vs. Just Plain Ole’ Shopping

This is just a reminder of what I do and how I do it.  Lately when I have been seen out shopping,  people see me with my coupons and they ask me how I do it.  This is for you.  Plus it just a good reminder for those of us that have lost focused. I […]

$50 Gift Card to Gap for Just $25

Today’s Groupon is for a $50 Gift Card to Gap, but it will cost you just $25.  That’s a 50% discount off anything you buy for back to school. Better yet, take this gift card and hold on to it until after school starts and I am sure you will make it go a very […]

Great Prices on Clothes at Target

We are trying real hard this year to stay on pretty tight back to school budget.  My kids are ok with getting more clothes in January, so stocking up a little right now is all we are really doing. Last week we went to Target.  My daughter found 2 pairs of jeans each $20.  I […]

Are You Really Getting the Best Deal?

If you remember correctly I wrote a post a while back about the 10 Ways to Keep From Getting Suckered into a Good Deal. I wrote this because of all the new group buying sites that are out there.  (I am going to list them again, because it just baffles me how many there are.) […]

Free Post It Notes at Target This Week

Target has these on sale this week for $1 and you can print this coupon for $1 off and get them for FREE. Some people use these for quick notes, but when you have kids my kids’ age you will find different uses.  Like using a whole pack to cover the front door of someone’s […]

Weekend Getaway

Need to getaway for just an over night or a weekend?  Well if you are in the Portland area you are in luck for finding something super affordable. The Groupon for Portland is a one night stay for 2 at Mt. Hood at the Resort at the Mountain.  This getaway is with a 63% savings.  […]

Free Bandaids One Day Left

It’s been a while since I got something for FREE, but it does still happen from time to time.  Today I went to Fred Meyers and got 12 boxes of bandaids for free.  I figured since it was almost the last day of the sale I could load up so I did. The coupons came […]

Price Match and Coupons

I am always on the lookout to see who will price match, and of those that do, who they price match too.  This weekend I went in a bought some stuff at Home Depot and later found it cheaper at Fred Meyers.  I made my way into Home Depot and sure enough they did price […]

Fred Meyer Sale This Weekend

Fred Meyer is having a sale this Friday night and Saturday.  Here are some coupons that will go great with that sale.  You will see that each coupon has a specific time that it can be used to pay close attention to that. There are some great coupons like Save$3, $5 or $7 on apparel, […]