Fred Meyer 2/21 – 2/27

Fred Meyer is my store. There are a lot of Catalina’s going on, so check them out HERE before you go.  A Catalina??  A coupon that will print when you buy a certain amount of something.  For instance this week if you buy 3 Betty Crocker Helper Meals, you will recieve $1.50 off your next […]

Walgreens 2/28

Wow, there are going to be some good sales coming next week to Walgreens.  But really quickly before I go there, I just heard that this week they Goody hair products are $2.99 with a $2rr.  Apparently some of these hair products are marked down and in the clearance section and they are still giving […] It’s All True!

All the things people say is true.  I just joined in December and put in an order for an item that was giving a 5% cash back.  I kind of forgot about the whole thing because I don’t order online a ton, and then it showed up in my mail and check for $12.48…all […]

KGW Half Price Deals and Clearance Sale

KGW always has these half price deals and they always have more than one.  How it works is the company agrees to how many they are willing to sell, usually around 100 and when they are gone, they are gone.  There were a few that were around a little longer than they hoped so they […]

Albertson’s Quaker Sale

Today we ran in real quick and we got: *10 boxes of Granola Chewy Bars *9 boxes of Cereal *5 boxes instant oatmeal *2 popcorns *2-2liter pops *2 newspapers Final cost $14.29 We saved just over $97 There are only 2 days left for this great sale.  Check it out HERE and find out how […]