Oregon Coast and Beer

Oregon Coast and Beer, what’s not to love? If you are from the area or looking to vacation along the Oregon Coast this is a great deal. For just $199 you can get 2 nights, a large bottle of beer from a local restaurant and breakfast one day at the Pelican pub. This little town […]

Great Groupon Vacation Deal

This great Groupon deal is back!  Last time it sold out quickly, so if you want it, grab it now. World Resorts International is offering a 7 night stay for just $399.This is a $1500 value. This is a great price for accommodations and you can choose U.S., Mexico or Canada. Just go to the […]

10 Frugal Travel Tips

  We are big roller coaster fans, for those of you that don’t know. (And yes we are in the front seats, and yes there is no one else on the coaster because we ran.) But I also know many people will be hitting the parks for a summer vacation. Where ever you are headed […]

5 Car Rental Tips That Save You Time and Money

I think the one thing I hate to do when I travel is arranging the rental car. It’s mostly because I am so frugal that I will compare every single company and try and save myself $2. In the process it takes me an hour to save that $2. I am trying to let go […]

Embassy Suites at the Airport Just $119

For those of you traveling this Spring Break here is a deal for you, especially if you have an early morning flight. For just $119 you can get a suite at Embassy Suites by the Portland International Airport. It comes with an Evening reception, a made to order breakfast and parking for seven days. This […]

Don’t Touch My Junk T-Shirt

I am sure you, along with all of America, has been following the TSA’s new rules with screening.  I just can’t get over all that is going on.  The pictures that have already been leaked onto the web.  I have even heard rumors that they are “profiling” hot chicks for the full body scanners. If […]

Hotel Modera Portland

One of the things that I do spend money on is time with my husband.  Sometimes it’s hard to get away, and when you do get time off you hate to spend a ton of time traveling. That’s why I like todays Groupon offer.  A great price to stay downtown Portland.  We have actually done […]

Travel Discounts

Book a vacation at a killer price, the most you will pay is the member price, but if more people buy the price begins to drop. For those of you familiar with Groupon you will be excited to see that there is a Travel group buying site that just went live, called Trip Alertz. If […]

Portland Food Cart-Best Bang For Your Buck

Today I did another field trip with another local blogger, Inspired2Cook.  This is what we found. Food carts are everywhere in Portland.  As a matter of fact in one of the recent Portland Monthly issues they talked about all the food carts and rated the best ones from each pod. The food carts are a […]

Benson Hotel $124 a Night Going Quickly

Looking for a romantic weekend away?  Looking to do something that feels far away, but really is just minutes from your own door?  How about a one night stay in Downtown Portland.  Not just that, but how about the Benson Hotel? Today Groupon is offering a one night stay for just $124.  How cool is […]