Redbox Deals and Good Eats

There are 2 great deals out there that I want to make sure everyone sees. First off Redbox is offering 3 movies for $1. This offer is through Groupon. It still has 2 more days on it, so take advantage of this one. I might just buy more than one, since you can buy them […]

How to Choose the Best CSA For You

I have spent the afternoon looking through all the CSA’s in our area. Whew! It’s been a lot of work. You might be wondering why someone as frugal as myself and who loves to garden is “giving up” and choosing a CSA? For those of you that don’t know, CSA is Community Supported Agriculture. You […]

Baja Fresh 50% Off

I don’t eat at chain restaurants, because I just can’t tolerate them and I don’t eat fast food because it’s just gross.  BUT what I do eat is Mexican fast food chains.  I know, weird, but it’s one thing I will tolerate and do like. Sometimes you need that quick, easy, cheap meal. Plus I […]

Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup

I make this often, but since I don’t have a “recipe” it’s always a little different. But I think I mastered it in a way worth writing down and sharing. The best part about Chicken Tortilla Soup is, if you choose, you can hide quite a few veggies in it, and I can show you […]

Menu Plan Monday January 3

I won’t say I will commit to this on a weekly basis, but I want to show you what I am doing to help not only budget my meals better, but try and keep from making 4 trips to the store in one week.  It’s true you always spend more when you go more often. […]

Baby Dutch Babies

I love Dutch Baby Pancakes, so much so that I tend to make them so often I wear everyone out.  Then I have to take a long break and then bring ’em back. I saw this somewhere, for the life of me I can’t remember where, and decided to make mini’s just for a change.  […]

Meat, Songs, Apparel and a Whole Lot More

Check out the Groupon in Philadelphia today.  For just $25 you can get $50 worth of steak.  Not just any steak, this is corn fed beef aged up to 28 days. This is a online deal from the Kansas City Steak Company, so anyone can take advantage of it. To find this deal, just click […]

Butternut Squash Bisque

I love this soup.  It does not hurt my feelings that no one else in the family will eat it, because I make a huge batch and throw it in the freezer and have it for my lunches when I am home alone.  So good. I will give you the recipe then I will show […]

$2 Burrito at Chipotle

That’s right if you dress as a processed food on October 31, you can get a burrito for just $2.  I just saw this over at The Coupon Project.  Head over and check out all the details and watch the Jaime Oliver video. There are several Oregon locations, so take advantage and give to a […]

Tuesday’s Tip – Inexpensive Prosciutto

If you cook with Prosciutto, (I sure do) using the words inexpensive seems way off.  It’s always quite expensive. You probably grab it from the packaged area, since you might only need a little.  The cost is probably around $5.99 for 4oz. I have seen a few different sizes, but all relatively small and usually […]