How to Plant Tomatoes

I am resurrecting this old post, because it’s that time of year.   1.  Dig a Hole 2.  Plant Tomato That’s how I have been doing it for years, until last year when I bought my plants at a Farmers Market and I was taught a new way.  I called to confirm with my dad […]

10 Uses for Zucchini That Doesn’t Include a Casserole

If you planted even one zucchini plant you are looking for ways to use it. If you planted more than one, you are probably the one dropping them on neighbors doorsteps at night, desperately trying to get rid of it. Don’t worry, there are so many ways to use zucchini, millions of things even, but […]

Do You Have a Good Deals Lot?

  Over in Sherwood we have a nursery called Loen’s. It’s fun to walk around and check stuff out and see the different plants and get an idea of what things are. There are several things worth buying here, but… You can go across the road to the wholesale lot. At the wholesale lot they […]

Garden Corner in Tualatin at 50% Off

The Garden Corner in Tualatin is offering a $30 gift certificate for just $15. I love this place. It’s right down the road from me and I drive by and drool a lot. They have everything from small plants to large out door decor. It’s a fun place to just go walk around. I am […]

Gardening in the NW in 2011

I just read the upcoming spring report and yes it did make me grumpy. I love gardening. Not so much the flowers, although I am getting better at that, but I love my edible garden. My tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, zucchini and squash. Just to name a few. Last year we had an awful spring and […]

Only in a Small Town

I grew up in a small town, I mean really small town.  Population 150.  I moved away 23 years ago knowing I would never make that my home, but I love love to visit. There are things that take place in a small town that you read about, and you always wonder, “Do they really […]

Bring on the Tomatoes

I love gardening, but my garden has been one big FAIL this year.  I have to say in all the years that I have gardened this one was the worst.  I even broke down at one point and put Miracle Grow on.  I know, now it’s not organic, but I was getting desperate.  Don’t worry […]

Saving a Little Helps A Lot

It’s the weekend and for that I am thankful.  It’s been a busy crazy week.  I continue to fight with my health insurance company over my surgery.  We turned in a 44 page appeal and we have finally stopped them dead in their tracks or at least we think we have.  We have learned a […]

Processing Food, Inc

We finally watched the movie Food, Inc.  Truth is I have wanted to watch it for quite some time, but put it off because I knew I would have to rethink a lot of things. Today I am your typical American.  I live in the suburbs, where the houses are close and raising your own […]

Get Your Grill On

I love summer and I love grilling.  Yep, you have heard me say that over and over.  I grill everything.  Mini pizzas, large pizzas, dessert, and whole meals.  I also grill fruit.  Check out this beauty I just found with vanilla sugar. Today I made Grilled Veggie Sandwiches with Marinated Mozzarella and some with Goat […]