Beer and Wine at 50% Off

SOLD OUT!!!! Those went quick! If you live in the Pacific NW or even just plan on visiting this is a great Groupon. Portland is known for it’s many breweries. So much so that July is called Oregon Craft Beer month. Us Oregonians like our beer. Not only that, but also at Pearl Specialty Market […]

Old Navy Groupon

You might want to stay up til midnight to take advantage of this Groupon deal. Old Navy is offering 50% off. You can grab a $20 Old Navy card for just $10. If you are new to Groupon just head over and sign up. You are not obligated to buy, but you will get emails […]

Cashing in Groupons

Groupon offers so many different things. Food, spas, motels, and more. Today I cashed in a Groupon for Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival in Woodburn. The cost was just $3 for a car load to go to the tulip festival. Because I had a friend sign up under me I had $10 credit, which made this […]

2 Tickets to the Roller Derby

Ok, I know this might sound crazy to some, but I really want to go to a roller derby. We watched the movie Whip It and I now understand the rules (or at least the TV version of the rules). It’s my lucky day because Groupon has a deal just for a roller derby at […]

Learn to Cook to Save Money

I love to cook. I am always trying something new or checking out recipes from every site. When I first got my iPhone I loaded recipe sites. Cooking great home meals saves you so much money. In the Portland area I have checked out a few cooking classes. I have found them to all be […]

It’s Time to Start Thinking About a Summer Vacation

If your like us and don’t have Spring Break plans, you will want to start planning that summer vacation, just to have something to look forward too!!!  Sun and warm, that’s what I want!!! Any vacation can be done affordably, it just takes planning. Do you like to golf, go to the spa, eat out, […]

Baja Fresh 50% Off

I don’t eat at chain restaurants, because I just can’t tolerate them and I don’t eat fast food because it’s just gross.  BUT what I do eat is Mexican fast food chains.  I know, weird, but it’s one thing I will tolerate and do like. Sometimes you need that quick, easy, cheap meal. Plus I […]

Meat, Songs, Apparel and a Whole Lot More

Check out the Groupon in Philadelphia today.  For just $25 you can get $50 worth of steak.  Not just any steak, this is corn fed beef aged up to 28 days. This is a online deal from the Kansas City Steak Company, so anyone can take advantage of it. To find this deal, just click […]

Holiday Cards from the Kodak Gallery

Another nationwide deal from Groupon. You have 3 days to grab this deal and of course, the timing is perfect  as you can make your Holiday cards with these or make some great Christmas gifts with this as well. For just $10 you will get $20 worth of Photo books, Holiday Cards, Plus 4 Free […]

50% off The Body Shop

This is a nationwide offer from Groupon today.  For $20 you can get $40 worth of product at The Body Shop.  What a great Christmas gift!!! This offer is good for 2 per person.  In Store only and you may use it with the “Love Your Body Club” discount and it’s also valid towards sale […]