Join a Gym and Save Money

Yep, it’s true if you join a gym you can save money.  All you need to do is fork over $25-$100 a month or whatever the cost of your local place and you can save.  How you might ask? Health Benefits ~~ If you take time to exercise you will be taking care of your […]

Portland Trailblazers Game $20 for 2

The Portland Trailblazers won the NBA Championship was at the Coliseum in 1977.  So head out to support the Trailblazers in their “Throw Back” preseason game at the Memorial Coliseum on Monday October 11 at 7pm. This is a one day deal through Groupon, but you are allowed to to purchase up to 4 tickets […]

Just $25 for $100 Worth of Photo Books at Picaboo

Today, and running for 2 days, you can grab $100 worth of photo books from Picaboo for just $25.  This is a Groupon deal and it’s located under Pittsburg. Never used Groupon.  Just go to their site, log in/join, choose the city of your choice.  I have my daily deals come from the city I […]

Dinner and a Show for $35

If you are in or near Portland today’s Groupon is a great one.  No wait, not just great, but fabulous. The restaurant is 50 Plates and the Groupon is for $50 worth of Food and Drinks.  Yep that’s what it says, Food and Drinks.  All for just $25. 50 Plates is located in the Pearl […]

Noho’s Restaurant Coupon with Groupon

You know me the foodie, that can’t get enough of the Portland food.  The other day I said to my husband “I am craving Noho’s”  and what do you know, today’s Groupon is for Noho’s. This is a great Hawaiian Cafe that serves not only great food, but serves it in very large portions.  All […]

Portland Pedi Cab With a Groupon

I am always highlighting what I think are great Groupon ideas, or deals.  Back in June I found this Groupon deal with a Pedicab company in Portland, that took you to 3 distilleries for tastings. (This pedicab company does offer lots of different tours.  It’s worth checking out.) The regular price was $40 but through […]

$50 Gift Card to Gap for Just $25

Today’s Groupon is for a $50 Gift Card to Gap, but it will cost you just $25.  That’s a 50% discount off anything you buy for back to school. Better yet, take this gift card and hold on to it until after school starts and I am sure you will make it go a very […]

Roller Coaster Discount with Groupon

I love any coasters.  I will pretty much give any one a try.  We actually walked past this one in January on our way to the Stratosphere, but it wasn’t running, so I have not done these. The price seems pretty descent though.  They are offering an all day unlimited attraction passes at Sahara Hotel […]

Groupon Bowling

This is such a killer deal.  $5 for bowling!!!  Go check it out and get all the details.  For those of you that have never done this it’s so easy.  You just click on buy.  The site will keep all your information, so each time you find one you want it’s easy to purchase another. […]